Ugandan Diffuser Bracelet

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Product Description

doTERRA has partnered with Ugandan artisan groups to provide women with opportunities like crafting these beautiful beaded bracelets made of natural grey beads. Traditionally known as “lucky seeds,” the beads are made of coloured clay and shaped by hand, and the volcanic beads can easily absorb your favourite doTERRA CPTG™ essential oil. The bracelet is housed inside a natural bark cloth bag made from the Mutuba tree, used traditionally for centuries in Uganda for clothing, mosquito screens and bedding.

Bracelet: 7 cm in diameter x 20 cm in length

Weight: 14 g

All proceeds will go towards supporting a clean drinking water project for a childcare centre in Moldova. Our goal is to reach 10,000 euros to provide children with access to clean and safe water free of pollutants and disease.


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